Client – Mondovè

The closest vegan ragù to ragù there is This time chef Michele Granuzzo amazes us by using soy flavored and enhanced with sage, bay leaves and rosemary. The result is simply astonishing. You have to taste it to believe. The chef starts with 100% Italian non-GMO soy which is hydrated with water and flavored with natural spices such as sage, bay leaf and rosemary. The hydrated and flavored soy is then added to a sauté made of carrots, onion and celery and 100% Italian tomatoes. Red wine is then added to add that extra touch of flavor to the mix of ingredients.
Slow cooking brings out a balanced and homogenized flavor. The final result recalls traditional ragù in every way, but is made all naturally using only vegetable products. Serve it to your friends without telling them it’s vegan and you’ll see that most of them won’t even notice the difference.