International, transparent, safe and reliable…these are the values the V-Label trademark brings to the vegan industry.


Label is internationally recognized for excellence and authority in over 70 countries, spread over 5 continents.

  • All the European countries
  • U.S.A .
  • China
  • South Korea


V-Label has maintained its uniformity of criteria, in every country where it is used.

  • Distribution: even with a global reach, producers in different countries can rely on V-Label for uniformity in criteria and approval
  • Manufacturing: even with production sites around the world, V-Label maintains the same strict approval process.
  • Customers: regardless of the production site, customers will be accustomed to the same vegan quality.


The specifications used to issue V-Label were created and approved by major European Vegetarian Associations.

The V-Label criteria are constantly updated to reflect current legislation and new production technologies, in both the food and cosmetic industry.


V-Label is distributed in each country by a local territory manager, which allows us to be neighbors with both producers and consumers.

The cultural, linguistic and market differences are never an obstacle, but rather are a continuous enrichment for our network that every year gathers together to share experiences and best practices.


V-Label ensures proper testing is conducted for each approved reference.

Self-declarations by producers are not accepted; a document type check is carried out and when necessary an audit or inspection is carried out at the production site.

Despite the rigorousness of the tests, the approval process proves to be very dynamic and practical for producers who at all times can count on the experience of local contacts.


Due to the strict criteria and approval process, V-Label is qualified to represent the integrity of a vegan product. This takes away the burden and protects both the manufacturer and distributor of the product.


The V-Label is available in the vegan and raw vegan versions.

This allows the manufacturer to offer a wider range of products to the final consumer while maintaining a uniform image.

The categories have different graphics in order to be easily recognizable by consumers who will be able to buy the most suitable products for their lifestyle in complete safety.

This allows the manufacturer and distributor to offer a clear service to the public.


The V-Label trademark was born in Italy in the 1970s, and presented internationally at the first European Vegetarian Congress in 1985.
Today it is used as the international trademark by various vegetarian and vegan associations around the world.
The promise of the V-Label trademark is excellence and authority, in a market saturated with brands lacking the necessary experience in terms of product approval.


The V-Label, in addition to identifying products suitable for a vegan lifestyle, offers the opportunity for producers and distributors to access a wide range of services.

Our experts are available for consulting, image, graphics and communication, thus offering a complete service to the customer who wants to enter the vegan market without risks and gaps.


The V-Label is entirely free for retailers and distributors.

In fact, the manufacturers handle the verification process and sustain the costs for obtaining the brand.
The rates are structured in such a way as to make the V-Label accessible to everyone, from small producers to large companies.

Custom solutions are possible.